Engineering the Products of Tomorrow

Look around you.From the cell phone in your pocket to the fibers in your backpack,many of the products that make your daily life a little bit better began as chemical ingredients on a much smaller scale – specifically as nylon 万博manbetx官网polymers.

万博manbetx官网INVISTA is a global leader in the production of these nylon intermediates and 万博manbetx官网polymer resins.For more than 45 years,we've made nylon 万博manbetx官网polymers that serve as the foundation for many different goods across the automotive,industrial,apparel and consumer electronics industries,to name just a few.

We are committed to helping our customers overcome their challenges and meet their objectives by providing the right resins and ingredients for their needs.Looking toward the future,we are reinforcing our capabilities by investing in new ADN facilities.